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Do. 24.11.
Einlass 19.30 Uhr
Beginn 20.30 Uhr
Vvk 25 € (+ Gebühren)
Ticket kaufen (kölnticket)                                            
She Past Away is a dark-wave band from Turkey. The music features elements of 80's wave and post-punk, accompanied by retro drum machine beats and dark lyrics in Turkish sung in a unique style. The band was formed in 2006 and released their first digital EP "Kasvetli Kutlama" in 2010. Debut digital album "Belirdi Gece" was released in 2012 . "Belirdi Gece" is scheduled to be available in vinyl format by Fabrika Records in February 2013. She Past Away gained a lot of recognition in the last few years. Articles, reviews and listings about the band appeared in many magazines and blogs worldwide, some of which are Gothic Magazine, The Guardian, and Self-Titled. The band has performed at many venues and festivals in Turkey so far. She Past Away currently confirmed two tours in Europe in February and May 2013.


She Past Away